image of younger me balling in Prague

I started playing the violin when I was 5 years old like most other Asian kids. I joined The Betty Haag Academy of Music and learned violin using the Suzuki Method. Years later, I realized that the Suzuki Method has a lot more applications than just teaching kids how to play an instrument.

As we all know, Design is an art. It’s something that years of development help us achieve, but in my eyes, it can never be perfect. There is no perfect design for Facebook, Google, Apple, etc. It’s evolving every time there is an update. Just like music…


How tapp started:

Back in high school, a couple of friends and I got really into app development. We were fortunate enough to have a mobile apps class offered at our school and decided to start our own little company.

Fast forward 6 years, we still have the same goal and also want to teach people of all ages how to develop and design

The tapp ecosystem:

  • This ecosystem allows us to provide education to people of all ages while helping them learn from real projects. …

The anticipated Keychron K3 raised over 1000% of what they asked for on Kickstarter and I am here to tell you if you should preorder it or not.

Keychron is a pretty well-known mechanical keyboard brand and in my opinion, has made some amazing starter keyboards. I love that they have some hot-swappable keyboards in almost every size you can think of. I was very new to the mech keyboard scene, and I was very excited to back this project since it seemed to fit the needs and I would be one of the first people to be able to…

Back in September, I stumbled across this YouTuber named Taeha Types. I remember looking through his channel and seeing him build custom keyboards and to be quite honest I never really cared for them. I just used my laptop keyboard the majority of the time and did not fully appreciate an actual mechanical keyboard (ok let's be honest, I am extremely new to this so I prob still barely know anything). Hopefully, after reading this you will also get addicted to the life of the THOCC. …

This past summer I was supposed to intern at Booz Allen Hamilton as a Summer Games intern. I was supper bummed when I heard that it was cancelled and tried to apply to as many companies to try and find a new internship. In the end I decided to get some classes out of the way and focus on the org I was in called Illinois Business Consulting, where I was working on helping distribute a survey that would fuel an AI Neural Net for a fortune 500 company.

In may I got a message from my friend asking me…

Kyle Morimoto

Aspiring Designer who dabbles in customizing keyboards and consulting

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