Pocono Partners ~ summer experience w/ covid-19

This past summer I was supposed to intern at Booz Allen Hamilton as a Summer Games intern. I was supper bummed when I heard that it was cancelled and tried to apply to as many companies to try and find a new internship. In the end I decided to get some classes out of the way and focus on the org I was in called Illinois Business Consulting, where I was working on helping distribute a survey that would fuel an AI Neural Net for a fortune 500 company.

In may I got a message from my friend asking me to join this company that he and his friend made. I ended up joining Pocono Partners as just a consultant hoping to gain some more experience.

Pocono Partners was created to help students from different universities gain real life experience in consulting. I had the opportunity to work with amazing students who had the same goal as me. Not only that, I knew that I would have lots of fun.

Below is a visualization on how smart the kids 👇

Just a little insight into how smart these kids were

I don’t care how boring a project is (to an extent), If i am working with a group of people that make me enjoy what I do, then I will be more than fulfilled in the work I am doing.

This whole summer I had the best team of consultants anyone could ask for. Everyone was extremely engaged and since it was just a new company there was a lot of structuring that had to be done. Everyone was involved and helped out in one way or another. I developed the website and help determine how the story was presented for our client. It was extremely engaging and I had no issue spending more and more time on it.

I know this is getting a little long so here are some things that I took away from this past summer being with the firm

  • Having the right team is everything
  • Structure is extremely important while creating a new team/company/projects
  • Deadlines are very useful for me
  • Even not doing an internship I can develop skills and learn just as much

I am currently working with them still as a Senior Associate and I hope to continue this and maybe one day this can be a full fledged firm. We are already starting to gain traction from big consulting firms as well as integrating ourselves into UIUC’s organizations!

tl;dr — This past summer I joined a consulting company that my friends from college had started, and got to experience some new types of consulting as well as what it would be like to start a firm. I love the project management aspects and customer relationships, but I do not know if I want to be a consultant out of college.